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birthday-gifts-for-herBirthdays come but once a year. They are indeed, very special and worth making the most of. This applies to your own birthday and your close buddies. Birthdays are usually the occasions for rejoicing and feasting. Relatives and friends gather on the occasion and wish many happy returns of the day and offer their blessings.They bring with them beautiful presents.
          In everyones lifes birthday is very important and precious day of their life.Gifts or presents have play very important role in birthday. Gifts or present can make a day of birthday girl or birthday boy it can bring smile on their face or can make them sad. So, to buy any gifts for birthday girl or birthday boy we need to be very choosy and careful what to buy or not. For boy choosing a gift for his bithday is not a big task its easy. But what if you have to choose a gift or present for a girl , then its so simple we have to very selective and think about her choice and liking.
Today i’m here back to help everyone with new ideas of birthday gifts for her , i mean to say birthday gifts for girl. So let start seraching but hold i will give you some great ideas and solution for birthday gifts for her,.
Stylish women’s wallets that can be carried by themselves, instead of inside another bag, are often called clutch wallets. This bag is usually goes to the outfit that she may be wearing that night or day and is meant to be make a statement! They are perfect if she tend not to carry or don’t want to carry a purse or do not want to rub their embellished dress all night with a clunky bag or bag strap. Look for beautiful clutch wallets on leather world.
A trifold is a wallet that folds over twice (so you have three folds). Trifold wallets have even more room than bifolds for money, cards, photos, etc Trifold wallets are usually more bulky , but they are perfect for girls who have multiple cards for memberships, gyms and VIP rewards! this can be best gifts for birthday girl.
Girls loves handbags special the stylist , leather and designer handbags which goes with latest trends and to your personality. Girls usually carries there whole world with them inside their handbags , this will include their cellphone , some currency , makeup kit , credit card , some visiting card , lincences , passes , keys , scrap and more end less items to be count. From leather world you can easy get latest collection of designer and stylist ladies handbags made up of genuine leather , valvet and in other material not only this you can customized your design as per your needs and requirement under your budgets.
Conference Folder made of genuine leather can be a very good gifting idea and very useful to all, specail working girls and the college going girls. A conference folder can make a very nice fashion statement as it can be make in different colour other then boring leather like brown , black and tan , you can choose different coloured conference folder from leather world. Inside a conference you will get very useful thing such like writing pad with paper sheets of different size , you will also calculator for your quick calculation it will also window for your identity card , visiting card or creadit card slot , pen loop and document slot too. It come with handle , zip or loop to close it. So its a very good with a allround performance and a perfect gifts.
Jacket can be a very useful and good gifting option for birthday made up of pure leather. Leather jacket keep you warm in winter very helpful to you from heavy cold in winters.It comes in different size so that every ages girls can wear it. It not only different size but also goes with latest fashion and style statement which will always keep you in latest trend and fashion.
So, you all must now got your answer solution for birthday gifts for her  , you can buy this all items and many gifts like watch case , leather jewellery case etc on www.leatherworld1.com the leading leather products manufacturer & exporter from India.
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personalized-gifts Leather Personalized gifts for every occassion or celebration, dedicated employees who help your business or organization thrive deserve to be recognized for their loyalty as they reach milestones of service. Rewarding or recognizing employees as they reach one year, five years and more is a thoughtful way for employers to make sure they know their work is appreciated. The best way of gifting your business employees is leather personalized gifts which are long lasting can be remember year by year.Rather than offering a generic gift that with the passing of time may not even be remembered as a commemorative award, you can

easily personalize all types of beautiful items with names, dates, and quotes to show how special a person’s service is to your company or organsization.

These ideas cover a range of bases and environments, and each lets the recipient know that their years of service are being recognized appropriately so let start.

One Year of Service: Leather Key Holder With the Company Logo & Personal Names

key holderOften the first year of service is overlooked, but it can be an important milestone for employees. This is especially true in the case of entry-level or younger employees where this is their first full-time career out of college.

Although there may not be a lot in the budget to mark every year of service, make a big deal about those first 365 days with Key Holder. Simple and practical,

fully usefull product for the daily day today life.

Embossed with the company logo and personal name on the key holder made of genuine leather or simply have “One Year!” embossed on each.

Five Years of Service: Business Card Holder With Personal NameLeather-Credit-Card-Holder

Today’s workforce is transient, meaning that many employees move from company to company frequently. Staying with one business for five years is a significant milestone that shows true loyalty and commitment to the company.

Hopefully these kinds of employees will stick around for another five years or more, so get them a gift that will continue to show your appreciation for their dedication to your business.

A business card holder made of genuine leather with person name is the perfect way to show your pride for a committed staff member. Splurge on a new pack of business cards, and embossed with their full name .

10 or More Years of Service: Conference Folder With Company Logo & Personal Name

Leather-Portfolio-CK-1902-Ten years with the same company is the sign of serious commitment and loyalty, so businesses should absolutely take the time to find a meaningful gift to celebrate this special occasion of that employees.

After this many years of dedication to a charitable organization or company, the recipient deserves to have a great gifts of genuine leather so consider gifting a conference folder made of genuine leather.

Personalize the sleek and elegant design with embossed number 10, the name of the company and with the name of the employee celebrating the milestone.

Retirement: Leather Gifts Set With Company Logo & Personal Name

leather-wallet-gift-setEmployees who have been with the same company and are reaching retirement deserve a special gift that reminds them both of their years of service and their relationships with colleagues and company.

A genuine leather gifts set is classy and attractive, making it a fantastic choice for a gift that will look beautiful with any person. On Box , Embossed the company name or logo and on the products you can embossed the embossed name of the retiree and their dates of service. On the other, embossed the names of all their colleagues and friends who were a part of their time at the company.

Whether an employee is marking a year of time with a company or a lifetime of service leading up to retirement, a personal and meaningful gift can go a long way in showing them just how valued they truly are.

Now as we had choosen personalised gifting idea for employees who help your business or organization to grow , but where we will get this products ? Leather World..!! yes you heard it right Leather World India’s Leading Leather Product Manufacturer & Exporter are in this field for Last 16 years. They can produce all kind of leather or non leather product, so don’t wait visit to their website www.leatherworld1.com and order now and experience the great world of gifting ideas and products.

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Leather Independence Day Gifts Manufacturer & Exporter|Leather World

independence day15 August 1947 is the most important date for each and every Indian. Our country was declared as the independent country and was free from the British rule on this day. The freedom we got was the only result of continuous march pasts, day night fights between Indian freedom fighter and British army, and the sacrifices of all Indians that took part in the fight of Independence.We all know that Freedom is not free. It took years of efforts, non-violence and other movement by our national freedom fighter to attain Freedom.

This Independence day let do something different, lets remember the soldier’s , the freedom fighter and all the person who had sacrifces their lifes for freedom by gifting the Soldiers or to your office employee.Whether you are selecting a gift for a 15th of August celebration or selecting a gift for a soldier ,patriotic gifts can show your support for our country and the men and women who serve.For gifts for patriotic friends and those who have served our country, be sure to maintain your respect for the flag.

Leather World one of the India’s Leading Leather Product Manufacturer & Exporter for last 16 sucessful years has been providing great leather products and accessories. Leather Accessories are one the great gifting Idea’s as it last for long time without lossing its shine ,durability and leather look.

Here come the question which leather product or leather accessories should we gift. As Leather World has a huge range of leather products or accessories. They have the wide range of Leather Men’s Wallet , Ladies Wallets , Card Case , Conference Folder , Passport Holder , luggage tags , backpack , office bags , ladies bags and many more cateroies to be count , we can see its wide range of products by visiting Leather World website www.leatherworld1.com. click given link to visit now.

So , now after going through website you must not be not having any doubt regarding Independence Day gifts. If you are having doubt, then i’m having the solution for gifts ideas for Independence day. Below are the some gifting Ideas please have a look,,

Men’s Walletwallets

For male Soldiers or Employees Men’s Wallet made of Genuine Leather with Mascular finishing will be a great gifts for the Independence day celebration, you can choose design and pattern from Leather World as its provide wide range of Men’s Wallets,

Ladies Walletladies wallets

Now for female Soldiers or Employees Ladies Wallet made of Genuine Leather with Mascular finishing will be a great gifts for the Independence day celebration, you can get designer ladies wallets from Leather World Men’s Wallets.

Gifts Setgifts set

It will not good sign if we only give a gift for male or female soldiers or employees what about their wife or husband. For the stituation Leather World has a huge range of Gifts set in which you will get gifts for both male and female together i.e men’s wallet with ladies wallet , you can also add more products in gifts set just like key chain , card holder , passport holder , belts etc.

Leather Accessoriesiphone wallet

Other then typical items like men’s wallet and ladies wallet Leather World also has some the great range of Leather small or big Accessories which include key chain , card holder , passport holder , luggage tag , conference folder , office bags , ladies bags , gym bags , luggage bags , desktop item many more which can be a very useful gifts in daily day today life.

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Leather Wedding Gifts Manufacturer & Exporter | Leather World


A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a gift,offering, ring, symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception. Music, poetry, prayers or readings from religious texts or literature are also commonly incorporated into the ceremony.

Indian marriages are known for their pomp and show. Guests are anyways treated as gods in India and Indian weddings demonstrate it with an added charm. In Hindu weddings, giving gifts forms an integral part of the ceremony. Both the guests and the hosts exchange gifts, in order to express their joy and gratitude. However, while choosing a gift for the novice couple, do keep in mind certain things like which party has invited you, the girls or the boys, your relation, your budget etc. When in a fix while choosing the gift, you can always opt for giving money as a token of love. For your help, some wedding gift ideas are given below.

Jewellery Box leather-jewelry-box-2
One of the finest choices for a wedding gift is jewelry. It has an inseparable relation with the marriage ceremonies as every daughter of the eve is seen glittering with gold and diamonds. Thus, if you want to add zing to the joy of the bride, gift her jewelry box in accordance with your budget. The way to proctect jewellery in stylish and fashionable way.

ladies bagLadies Handbags
In case you do not know the taste of the bride play safe. As we know female loves handbags specially designer handbags and genuine leather handbags.These items are easy to find and greatly presentable. Some fine decorative items, which can serve as good gifts are show pieces, fashion, handicrafts, design, style, etc. Moreover, personalized Ladies Handbags are also quite in nowadays.

office bagOffice Bags
You had choosen gifts for the beautiful bride but about our handsome groom? “Office Bags” yes had heard it right office bags made of genuine leather , which can prove to be quite useful for the newly wed groom as he can used it for office. Besides, there is a wide variety available, from which you can choose the office bags according to your pocket.So gifts the latest stylish genuine leather office bags in different colour and pattern.

gifts setGifts Sets
In case you do not know the taste of the bride and the groom, play safe. Leather Gifts Set come to your rescue at this stuck up situation.. There is an array of items available in Gifts Set which can prove to be great wedding gifts. Moreover, they are quite economic in comparison to gold or other gifts. The worth giving Gifts Set include gem men’s wallets , ladies wallets ,belts for both, key chain and mobile case , card holders, tablet cover, etc.

Much more gifts to choose from, visit now for latest collections of wedding gifts on www.leatherworld1.com   

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